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About us

Lawyers since 2004 and 2005, Yazid BENMERIEM and Joao GONCALVES have decided to create the Benmeriem & Goncalves Sports Law (BGSL) law firm : a firm dedicated to sports law and to the whole sports and e-sports ecosystem.

The objective of their partnership through BGSL is to provide a holistic, detailed, and specific offering that is entirely tailored to their clients’ needs.

Both of them have graduated in sports law and Joao GONCALVES is trained in international football law.

Yazid BENMERIEM and Joao GONCALVES work in French, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Completely fluent in English, they assist their English-speaking clients on the French territory by advising them and defending their interests based on law and regulations applicable in France.

« Our services are tailored to your needs »

We can offer services both on a long term and an ad hoc basis.

You can request our support on aspects that are strictly legal, or even beyond with our Be & Go 360 offer.

Tell us who you are and we will tell you how we can assist you in making your projects a success.

You are an athlete

You are a club

You are a sports agent or an intermediary

You are a key player in the sports or e-sport economy, or you are a sports event organizer

You are a lawyer

BE & GO 360

Our goal is to respond to a recurring and growing demand from top performance level professionals and athletes. As a result, BGSL has created "Be & Go 360", which responds to a need that we have duly identifier : 360° global support.

With our Be & Go 360 offer, BGSL is at your side, in a position that is to be defined in consultation with you, and in order to support you in all your endeavors and be proactive in relation to you career management.

Upon your request, BGSL can centralize the management of your interests, and represent said interests before any of the stakeholders you are involved with: accountants, asset managers, banks, administrations, etc.

« A positioning that is defined in consultation with you »

Upon your request, as always, we can support you in the materialization of your projects, whatever they are, considering your personal aspirations as well as your objectives and ambitions.

Our firm works with you, hand in hand, and at your pace.

Based on your specific needs and demands, BGSL offers to collaborate with the professionals of BGSL’s network.

Our law firm’s philosophy and objective are to ease your daily life so that you can fully focus, without any encumbrances, on your activity.

How can be & go 360 meet your demands

Managing your image and communication to the fullest extent

Specific support in relation to the young athlete

Support in the creation of associative projects

Preparing a post career transition

Support in entrepreneurship projects and in asset management

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